Howdy, my name is Chad Fleming.  I’m the founder, dictator, and president of Lawn Gnomedia.  I graduated in 2010 from Columbus College of Art and Design.  In my spare time I like to write, doodle, and watch so-bad-they’re-great films.  Speaking of films so-bad-they’re great (kidding) I’ve been making short films and animations since high school.  My influences are constantly changing but the current mainstays would be Joss Whedon, James Cameron, and David Zucker.   I’ve always been interested in creating unique and original concepts and film has been a great medium for the ideas that brew in my lil brain.


Hi, I’m Rob McCready, a “co-whatever” of Lawn Gnomedia.  A little about me: I’m currently a student at The University of Akron studying to become a mechanical engineer; my wife of 3 years, Abby, and I have an adorable 9 month old little girl named Lilly; I enjoy writing, mostly fiction of various genres, but I do write some poetry and song lyrics on occasion – I’m currently working towards publishing some of my longer work; I enjoy a wide range of music – I like to say everything from The Beatles to Slipknot – and I do produce music on occasion, mostly solo acoustic guitar stuff; I also enjoy theatre (in a participatory capacity and as a spectator) and film.  My film interests also include a wide range but my particular favorites usually consist of psychological thrillers/dramas, many of which happen to be Christopher Nolan films.  Chad Fleming, our leading visionary and founder, and I have been making films since our early high school days but I’d like to think we’ve both come a long way since then.  However, our old films still have the ability to entertain, though mostly for a good laugh.  Back then we had to think a little more creatively when we produced a film due to a lack of skill/knowledge and the equipment and resources we had to work with.  Add that level of creativity to what we’re capable of producing now and it’s almost scary-good.

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