Quick Update

It’s been quite some time since I’ve last posted anything.  New short film coming later next month, with two web series to look forward later in the year (one in the summer, the other late in the fall).  Until then, enjoy this stupid thing I made.

2014 So Far

It’s been quite some time since I’ve last posted on this site.  November of last year to be exact.  That following month I lost my father.  Obviously, I can’t describe the love I had for my father in a blog post that few will read.  He deserves better then to have an article about him that is read by maybe a half dozen friends and some people accidentally visiting my site because they were in the search of lawn gnome photographs.

I’ll be working on some videos and paintings throughout the year involving my father, but for now I’ve been hard at work on some smaller, less depressing, projects.

To kick things off, I pieced together a wedding highlight reel to end all wedding highlight reels.  I grabbed footage from the last 8 weddings I’ve done and made a reel out of it.  For one, it makes it easier to show possible clients my previous wedding work.  Secondly, it felt like closure, a button, on the weddings I’ve filmed recently.  Although I might pick up another wedding job in the next year or so, I’d be just as complacent with putting that work behind me and having a nifty reel showcasing the last few years of work.

Next is a film that I just completed.  I grew up with a lot of haunted house films as a child.  This is me paying homage to those.  Most specifically, my dad’s favorite, The Changeling.  I created this piece for the RØDE Reel 2014 short film competition.

As a requirement, I also had to include a behind the scenes film showing that a RØDE microphone was used on the film.  So here’s that (if you can get past my awkwardness in front of the camera).

I have several other projects that are in various stages to look forward to so check back in a few months and I’ll have some more Lawn Gnomedia goodness to check out.