Director’s Cut

Here is a director’s cut of my most recent short film.  It has 2 BRAND NEW shots (that equate to maybe 6 additional seconds of film).  It’s not drastically different from the 5 minute cut that was submitted to the Rode competition, but I let scenes breathe a little longer in this version.  Seriously, competitions with silly time constraints are the worst.  Enjoy!

Carnes, Cakes, and Tractor Pulls

It’s Friday, Friday, gotta eat artery clogging deep fried food on Friday…

No Television Nostalgia Hour this week (boo).  Haven’t been around much this week to edit together an episode.  However, like every September, during the week of the fair, I’d like to post this documentary I did.  What’s great about it is that although I shot it 4 years ago NOTHING HAS CHANGED.  The reason for this is because Bellville hates change.  Anyways, enjoy!