Project from the Past Part I

Here’s a new segment.  I’m running out of past scripts, but I have a plethora of crappy videos and animations to share to the world.  Today’s video is a short I made called Playground of Pain.  This short was a Video 1 assignment where we used different camera techniques to recreate something from our childhood.  I chose the moment in my past where I fell off a playground slide and broke my wrist.  Long story short, me, my sister, and a couple of cousins were going to ride down the slide at the same time (we were little).  My cousins invited a new friend who sat next to me.  This person elbowed me by mistake (I hope?) and I fell breaking two bones in my wrist.

Before checking out the video, here’s yet ANOTHER depiction of the event.  This is a drawing I did (1st grade?).  The best part is that the teacher gave me a “Good.”  Didn’t she realize this event would traumatize me enough to make a video of so many years later and eventually post an article on my website about it???

updaySad right?  Now for the vid:


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