Missed Connections 9/17

I Want to be Inside You.

We had a great start.  You let me in when no others would.  You were my protector.  As I’m currently flying off in space, I can only think of the brief time we had together.  The way I felt inside you, and the way you treated me as though we were one in the same.  I miss your chest and I apologize for completely obliterating it.  I’m sorry, I didn’t know what else to do!  All your friends looked at me in shock.  They weren’t as accepting of me as you were.  Are you okay?  I had to hightail it out of the mess hall after bursting through you.  I didn’t have time to see if you were okay.  I realize now that it would probably never work out between the two of us.  You, a human, me, a xenomorph.  I’ve been floating in space for so long that I’ve had time to think.  I know now.  I’m sorry, but please take me back inside you.  I realize that I may be larger, but so is my heart.


We Were Involved in a Hit and Run.

I was minding my own business last night when you suddenly came out of the blue.  You were traveling WAY too fast and smashed into me.  I should feel sorry for the damage you took to your hull, but it was obviously your fault.  I hope you drown and die,  you stupid big boat.


Where Did You Go?

We spent so much time together.  Just the two of us.  It was paradise.  I know it wasn’t always easy though.  You weren’t aware, but I knew you contemplated suicide when I wasn’t around.  I thought we were in this together?  We weathered the storms together, both figuratively and literally.  So I don’t know why, when we were so close to being rescued that you let me go.  I know it’s not your fault that I fell into the ocean, but did you even try to swim after me?  No.  Was I misreading our friendship all that time on the island?  Is it because you knew being rescued meant that you’d see your wife again?  What happened to bros before hoes?  I know I should be the mature one here, but I really hope that slut doesn’t take you back.

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