Gnome News – Week of 9/8

It was another week of not-so-eventful film news.  Unless, I guess, you like terrible things.

So, speaking of terrible things, 50 Shades of Grey has become one step closer to becoming a reality.  Dakota Johnson (The Social Network) has been cast as the weak, one-dimensional female lead that will surely attempt to set Hollywood’s view of women back a century or so.  Meanwhile, Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy) will play a muscular body that will make Dakota Johnson’s “character” weak in the knees or something.  I really have no idea what this film is about.  Going off the title, I’m just going to pretend it’s a sequel to Pleasantville.

dakota shadeshunnam shadesIn possibly terrible news, Terminator 5 is getting closer to being made.  Attached is director Alan Taylor (Thor: The Dark World).  He has also known for directing several episodes of Game of Thrones.  Arnold SHwaiy3riwatzeneger is set to play the terminator yet again.  Although with his current physique, I’d rather see him on the iron throne.

terminator of thronesAnd finally Hollyweird is gearing up for another Sherlock Holmes movie.  But get this, HE’S GOING TO BE OLD!  Sir Ian Mckellen is set to star.  This might be good (it’s based off an acclaimed book).  However, we currently have two Sherlock television series going as well as the movie series.  I think it’d be great if they just pitted them against each other or combined them against Moriarity who is half-cyborg.  The Sherlock Avengers.  I can dream, right?

mckellan sherlock holmes

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