It’s Friday that means only one thing…time for another episode of The Television Nostalg…..wait.  Where is it?  Well I’ve been busy this week. OKAY!!  Get off my freakin back you guys!

Yesterday I spent about 8 hours taking photos and video of pizza and coffee for Brumby’s Coffeehouse and Pizzeria.  I’ll be editing all of that together to create some hopefully cool looking menu screens inside the place in time for the WORLD’S FAIR next week.  So if you happen to be at the fair next week, stop on in and check out my masterworks.

Today I’m filming a wedding all day.  I still don’t get why it’s on a Friday.  Who does that?

Well check back here tomorrow evening and I’ll have this week’s episode of The Television Nostalgia Hour posted.  It’s a very “special,” episode.  That’s all I’ll say for now.  So in the meantime, here’s one of the photos of the pizza.


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