Missed Connections 8/27

Cute Blonde at Diner
(Katz’s Delicatessen)
I served you and your friend on Sunday.  Do you remember me?  You ordered a ham sandwich and your friend ordered a roast beef.  You um, really enjoyed your sandwich.  Like, a lot.  You made quite the scene and left quite the impression on me.  I made your sandwich and am quite pleased that you enjoyed it so much!  I’ve never made a woman uh, meow? to my cooking before.  I would like to meet.  Lunch?


Lost Man in the Snow
(My Cave)
Our encounter was so brief.  You were lost in the snow.  It got so cold.  I came to greet you with open arms, but you were afraid of me. Even when I gave you shelter, you returned the favor by cutting off my arm.  What’s the deal?  I’m not angry, although, ya know, you did slice off MY %$@#& ARM.  You were so small, how did you even?  With a sword made of lasers?  I don’t even…you know it’s not important.  You know what?  You cut off my arm and I want you to die.  Come back and fight me like a man.


Looking for Myself?
(Circle K)
You appeared suddenly, like whoa.  Then you disappeared!  You said you were me, but I don’t understand?  Maybe we can meet up at the same place tomorrow and talk?  You seem most excellent!  Okay, I have to go finish a stupid history report.  Party on dude!


Cute Girl
I saw you and your brother eating SO much food yesterday!  I’ve never seen anyone eat so much!  Me and my sister wanted to talk to you guys, but you two ran away.  Why?  We didn’t mean to scare you.  You seem like a great girl.  I saw the way you took care of your brother after being electrocuted by that fence.  Is it because I’m a velociraptor?  Why is that a problem?  Society is more accepting!  It’s 1993 not the Cretaceous Period!  I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong impression.  Also, I saw you hack into the computer mainframe so easily!  You clever girl!  I could never do that, for I am a dinosaur.  If you want to meet up again, I’ll be here waiting.

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