How The West Was Exhausting

So earlier this year my family drove to LA.  Long drive.  Also, both nephews (one turning 1, the other 2) in tow.  Fun trip, but I’m fairly certain I never want to have children.  No offense, nephews (although I have a suspicion they will not read this).

We took the trip over a 2 week period so of course I had plenty of time to shoot video.  About 16 hours worth.  I’ve been busy with wedding videos and script writing so I just now got to take a look at the footage.  The question now is to what to make the video into?  I don’t want to bore people, but I also don’t think I can condense 16 hours of footage into a 5 minute Youtube video.  There’s something exciting about this challenge though.

A few years back I did a similar “family vacation,” film for college.  I made my parents and sister narrate a trip years after taking it to see what memories they held onto and what they can recollect.  Watch it if you have the time, or don’t.  I’m not your dad.

Since I’m mostly absent (but not in spirit) in the previous video, perhaps I will film myself narrating this one?  I’m no Morgan Freeman though, so who knows how that will turn out.

Well as I try to figure this out, here’s the car taking the long drive west set to the B-52’s.


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