New Projects

Much like how Lady Gaga refers to her fans as “monsters,” I too, will think of a ridiculous name to call my fans. How about my…gnomies? I KNOW right? Does my cleverness know no bounds? (no, the answer is no). Let’s just say, that you’re in for a good post here. That should have been evident when you saw that the first sentence was referencing Lady Gaga. Well over the last couple months I’ve been hard at work on some various projects. Some are even good! So without further ado, here’s a list of the current projects that are in the pipelines. Be excited, you gnomies.


This is a motion graphic piece I created for a client. We’re currently working on the final version of this, which will contain new, altered audio as well as a few different pieces of animation. But here it is on all of it’s rough drafty goodness.


Do I even need to explain this one? It’s a reimagining of the Civil War…but with Yetis. OBVIOUSLY.  As we all know, yetis are all the craze these days.

The Mummy 3’s failure was due to it’s limited use of yetis and overabundance of Brendan Fraser.

Anyways, I had this idea sometime late last year. I came up with the concept while at work, and thought up additional story details that night while discussing the idea while drinking a few. Granted, a lot of stupid ideas sound great while intoxicated (don’t EVEN get me started), but I wrote down what I slurred out, and the ideas still seemed half decent when I was sober. Like most stories involving yetis, this is an epic tale. It’ll involve huge set pieces, hundreds of yetis, and all of this in a period setting. So what better way to explore this story, and give this tale the visual pazazz it needs then with a podcast. Yes, a podcast. It’ll be similar in style to old radio shows back before the days of television. Told as a 5 part mini-series, Yetisburg will be an audio orgy of awesome complete with voice work, sound effects and music. We start recording the first 2 parts next month and will be released sometime before the end of the year/world.

Other Side

This is an in-depth documentary about The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Okay, NEXT! Just kidding. I’m pretty sure a RHCP documentary would HAVE to include California in the title somewhere. I think there’s at least 10 songs of theirs including that state. Don’t fact check that. This short film is a sci-fi comedy/drama. I don’t want to give more away then that, but we start shooting the end of this summer and hope to have it completed early next year.

The Handicaped

Oh, yes, The Handicaped. How do I break this to my gnomies? The Handicaped is no more. The film that is. The film is no more. A lot has happened since we started working on this, and, in short, I could not justify the time and effort to make this film. That’s it in a nutshell. Now. wipe those tears. The story must go on, and let me introduce to you…The Handicaped: The Graphic Novel.

I need to rewatch Bob Ross to learn how to make a proper happy tree

This is a rough draft of one of the scenes. Rather then draw people from scratch, I’m using a combination of photos/film stills as the basis for the character designs. Basically I’ll be drawing (fine…tracing) the actors and drawing the backgrounds from scratch. I think this format will allow for the best interpretation of the The Handicaped and I’m excited to get this story out there. The graphic novel will be completed sometime late next year.  So The Handicaped is dead…long live The Handicaped!

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