I haven’t posted anything in awhile that much is evident. And here’s the reason, I’ve been working on some new projects. I recently did a motion graphic piece for a client. It’s done, but there’s still some tweaking to be had. Hopefully I’ll have that in the bag and posted sometime next week. Since last month, I’ve been working on a short film for the Youtube’s Your Film Festival. It’s a slim chance that I could ever win, what with other people being able to submit films they might have been working on for over a year. Although, I couldn’t really see the negative in making new material that people can view. We didn’t film until earlier this month, and I had to edit it in about two weeks. Which, is a quick turnaround, trust me. My computer desk is cluttered with Jaffa Cakes and Monster Energy drinks as proof of that. Also, quick plug, Jaffa Cakes = delicious. I heard about them from the show Spaced, and searched forever for them. This month we celebrated my parent’s 30th year anniversary and went to Jungle Jims and they happen to sell them. If you’re from Ohio, you have to check that place out. If you always said to yourself “I want to shop at a grocery store that also had moving animatronics watching me shop with their soulless eyes,” then Jungle Jims is the place for you! Enough promoting things that start with J, here’s my new film. It doesn’t have a J in it’s name, which would have made for one hell of a segway. I fail again.





I do want to talk briefly about the film itself. I had the concept in mind for awhile. Well, not the story, but the way the story is delivered. I was influenced by Dazed and Confused as well as American Graffiti and High Noon. The idea of telling a story, almost like in real time, interested me. Dazed and Confused told the story of a group of high schoolers over the course of a day. The idea of, here’s a character, we won’t give you their backstory except for what is told on screen, fascinates me. It’s like, hey, this character is alive, but we’re only going to give you a slice of this person’s life. So yeah, that’s how the concept came to be, and we shot it in my hometown, so I imagine I subconscious added some real life stuff to it as well. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it, and maybe in the next couple weeks I’ll fill ya in on some of my next projects. Be excited.

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