On the Lawn – Part 1

Hi. How are you doing? Welcome to a new segment, entitled, “On the Lawn.” I was originally going to call it, “On the Lawn with Lawn Gnomedia,” but that didn’t go over too well with the test audiences. “Too much lawn!” they declared. So there you have it I suppose. Each of these segments will highlight a current project we’re working on. Be it behind-the-scenes of our feature, or from any shorts or freelance work we might be doing. This first part, titled “Part 1,” is of the former.


We started filming our feature last month. It was at the Bellville World’s Fair. “But LG, we’re not from Bellville, please tell us more about this crazy thing called a fair.” Well okay, The Bellville World’s Fair comes once a year, like Santa Claus. The festivities are always the same. Food, attractions (mostly), and the people. That last bit is the most important. Located in Richland County, Ohio, the town of Bellville, as of 2000, has a population of 1,773. That is not including its adjoining county, Butler, because they’re lame. Also, they only have one traffic light. The Bellville World’s Fair is like a town’s reunion. Each year, people that grew up from either town that might have moved away travel back for this fair. Not for the deep fried Oreos (although I do), but to socialize with others. Oh, and gossiping. It’s an event where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came. The World’s Fair is like Cheers.



Minus Ted Danson. Sorry Ted.



Did I mention nothing changes at this fair? Sure the ferris wheel comes and goes. Let’s see if we can spot any differences in these two pictures.









Besides the second picture having a much sexier angle of those roasted nuts, can you tell any major differences? No? Well those two photos were taken two years apart.  Both the nut stand and pig stand are in the exact same locations.  And that roasted nut station? It’s been there for almost twenty years!! Okay, kidding about that last part.  Also, here’s a video of the fair from two years ago just because.









And without further ado, here’s a few screenshots from the film shoot.  Clicky for extra largey.



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