Concept Art and Effects

I mentioned in the previous post about what super hero characters would be like if they weren’t so super.  When I was developing the basic concept of the film, I drew some crappy concept art illustrating some of the characters.  I think they speak for themselves.  First off we have…



Mr. Yoder



In the original made-for-senior-thesis film, Mr. Yoder was to be the leader of the villains.  Essentially, he was like Raiden from Mortal Kombat, but was more Amishy.  I had the idea that he was the only truly powerful character, but, because of his lifestyle, he shunned his own abilities.   After changing the tone of the story, Mr. Yoder was a little too cheesy (zing!), and, in churn (double zing!), didn’t quite fit into the newest version of the story.

The next character, was Mr. Magnet…



They could have probably gotten rid of the money sign on the briefcase to make it a little less inconspicuous



Unlike Mr. Yoder, Mr. Magnet is in my film.  Although he is going by a different name, The Magnetician.  Also, he’ll be less menacing.  Much less.  Think Bill Haverchuck meets Kick Ass.



although he's probably allergic to magnets.



Okay, now since I successfully ostracized myself from everyone that hasn’t seen Freaks and Geeks, let’s change this post up a bit!  So, in this Handicaped world, most of our heroes are in disguise.  Not to the extent of Clark Kent or anything, in fact, many of the characters won’t be wearing costumes.  The reason for that will be discussed in a later post.  In this film world, most of the characters appear normal, except when they use their abilities.  When they show their freak side, their eyes will glows.  Now this is highly original, and hasn’t been done before…



Maybe it's been used before...



or a couple times...






okay, maybe not THAT original...



but my interpretation is MUCH more awesome…



or so my parents tell me.



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