First Post.

Hello.  How are you?  I’m great, thank you for asking.  This is the first post.  You can look around, it’s quite the post, spared no expense.  As a sort of the obligation of being a first post, I guess I should include what kind of content to expect on this site, huh?  I’d hate for you lovely viewers to be reading an article on this site that totally catches them  off guard.  You’ll yell, “I wasn’t expecting this!” or, “Why wasn’t I properly prepared for this site!?”  Well, I don’t really want to upset weirdos that are easily angered by blog sites.  Not you, I wasn’t talking about you, you’re beautiful, I was talking to that other person, just ignore them.So, Lawn Gnomedia.  Notice the word, “media.”  Hopefully it’s noticeable.  If not I might get a different domain name.   Also, the word, “lawn gnome,” is in there.  I’ll save that for another post or two.  Anyways, for this site, we’ll mostly be posting articles related to our current feature film, The Handicaped.  However, we’ll also delve into short films, animation, film reviews, cat videos, and illustrations.  The majority of our work will be done with video, but our focus at LG (yeah, I’m going to be abbreviating it, deal with it) is on the art of storytelling.  First and foremost, we are storytellers, and film is the medium best suited for our tales.   So sit down (why would you be standing?), dim the lights, and enjoy some lawn gnome goodness.

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